Daily Dose of Kelsey: 050813

Today the topic of past boyfriends came up between me and my best friend. I thought about it and I was reminded of something I said when I was in high school. 

"I wish I had a boyfriend that cheated on me."

Granted, this was a stupid thought I voiced but back then, I couldn’t really put into words why I wanted such a terrible and emotional event to happen to me. Why I would’ve wanted such a thing to happen eluded me until today, when I can put into words what I meant when I said these words. 

I wanted to still feel human. I wanted to know if I could care so deeply about a person and be emotionally unwell because of how much trust and care I put into this “boyfriend”.  I can’t really think of a time where someone I had dated hurt me enough to make me even shed a single tear, enough to make me be unwilling to let them back into my life.  I didn’t think I cared enough for the other person or I just didn’t feel.  I don’t really think I wanted something like this to happen to me now but it’s weird to come up with explanations of what my past self might have thought. 

My best friend listened to my explanation and understood what I meant when I told her my thoughts from high school. Understanding and acceptance are great traits to find in anybody, kiddos. 

Well there’s my rambling for today, see you around and stay sexy everyone! 

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Daily Dose of Kelsey: 3,000 posts later


I’ve been on tumblr for about 3 years, my first post being on September 10, 2010.  This is quite exciting! I don’t really know why it would be…devoting a good majority of my life posting things that tickle my fancy…not sure how I’m feeling right now.  Thanks for the 3 years tumblr!  You’ve helped fuel my fan-side, educated me on important current issues, and opened my eyes to new things.  I can’t really say anything else besides ‘thanks’ and giving you a big hug. 

To another 3 years?  Heck yea! 

Accurate depiction of me kissing my screen for y’all. And gratuitous Dongwoon lip appreciation cause damn son. 

I’ll see you around and stay sexy. 

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Daily Dose of Kelsey: Iron Man 3 040513

Just saw Iron Man 3. Another great film by Marvel Studios. 

Glad I got to watch it with one of my best friends.

Best movie buddies everrrrr. 

Then we got crepes and taiyaki at Genki Living haha. 

Okay now take care and stay sexy!


man I’m so smart

what is even going on with me today.

Emmy: Kelsey, go cut us up an orange. We need our vitamin C.

Me: I don’t need to eat oranges, I’m drinking vitamin C right now. [passion fruit juice]

Emmy: That’s not vitamin C, Kelsey.

Me: Even then, I can get vitamin C anywhere I want. I could walk outside right now and get some vitamin C.

Emmy: No…that’s vitamin D. Paul, that’s your sister. 

Paul: HAHAHAHA no.

Today I met up with my group for our project and they were deciding days to film our video and suggested Friday. I told them I didn’t like them enough to give up my only free day of the week. Why did they laugh, I wasn’t joking.

Daily dose of Kelsey: 230413

Mistakes were made today, I still regret nothing.

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true friendship

Me: Vivian, if you were ever in trouble, I would show up there as Rock Lee and fight for you.
Vivian: What.
Me: Then you would need to call the police because I would probably get beat up.

Daily dose of (pain) Kelsey: 200413

Day 2 of recovery!

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Daily dose of (pain) Kelsey: 190413

Well today I had to say goodbye to 4 of my teeth:

My wisdom teeth. 

Little buggers I’m in so much pain right now because of you guys.

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Can you sense the anguish in the 2nd photo? #wisdomteeth #frazzledFriday #regrets #chipmunk

Can you sense the anguish in the 2nd photo? #wisdomteeth #frazzledFriday #regrets #chipmunk

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Daily Dose of Kelsey: 180413


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you ever wonder

If those scenarios that you play in your head, that you think will never happen, but are actually flashbacks of your other life in different dimensions?  Maybe in another dimension, you’re married to your bias.  In another dimension, you’re one of the top celebrities of the known world?


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18. I sleep wearing….

A t-shirt

and undies. Yepp, pajama pants and shorts get in the way too much and it’s not like I’m wearing a long dress shirt either. I just find it really comfortable to be sleeping in an old t-shirt and panties.

Kinda NSFW but hey, if guys can do it then I’ll be darned if I can’t sleep as comfortable as they do.

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Daily dose of Kelsey: 140413


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Daily dose of Kelsey: 130413 

Today I got no sleep whatsoever, let me give you a rough estimate of being awake for approximately 19 hours.

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