shit jung ilhoon says


You are too beautiful ;//;

Nana with SO’NATURAL Cosmetics 


nice hairstyle + my favourite outfit + abs.Hyo’s absolutely my favourite from today’s performance ;A; (my favourite always changed in every performance anyway lol)

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Minha | WILD

soohyun’s cooking advice.

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27/100 gifs of kai; sensitive kkamjong part 1

kai aint sensitive. im glad he checked the shit outta chanyeol. chanyeol is a fuckin loser

it amazes the fuck outta me that he’s even considered fucking dark at all. like….wowww

forreal i feel sorry for k-idols who get picked on by other members for being ‘dark’ when they ain’t even dark

like that shit is detrimental as fuck ugh

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