Leeteuk: I’ve seen Jaejoong right after he’s taken a shower before.
Changmin: I see it everyday. 
Leeteuk: I’m jealous. 

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If Super Junior were your personal strippers

Leeteuk: As he rips his pants off you can't help but notice cobwebs near the crotch area and that's when you realized he hasn't gotten any in awhile.
Kangin: He would flex his muscles and when you ask for a lap dance, he'll flex them even more.
Shindong: Would put whip cream on himself and then on you and then everywhere else resulting in drowning of whipped cream.
Ryeowook: Since he knows how to get a girl going, the very first thing he'd do is cook you your favorite meal.
Heechul: At first he's stripping for you and then he sees the mirror and spends the rest of the time staring at himself.
Yesung: Starts to do crazy dance moves on the stripper pole which results in him hitting his head on it and then passing out on the floor.
Eunhyuk: Just expect a lot of pelvic thrust in the face. A lot.
Siwon: "AND JESUS SAID! Let there rain men." As he begins to awkwardly pelvic thrust your lap.
Donghae: "Don't worry, I'm not as bad with this as I am with my spelling."
Sungmin: We have to admit, he's probably the best one out of everyone.
Hankyung: "I'm gonna eat you like I eat my fried rice, sloppy and wet..." and you proceed to walk away.
Kibum: He smiles and you just kind of jizz right there and then.
Henry: "Soooo.... I just kind of shake my butt in front of you or...."
ZhouMi: Gets mad because you smacked his butt and apparently his underwear is not only gucci but sells for more than your very own house.
Kyuhyun: "Why am I stripping for you? YOU should be stripping for ME."

eunhyuk exchanges text messages with boa (x)

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Eunhyuk’s visual ranking (himself as 6th!)

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when teuk and kang sora were happily playing with their feet together, min sat there and played with his own feet XD

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EunTeuk’s reaction to Yunho’s aegyo.


Super Junior Quotes (cc: kpop-quotes.tumblr.com)


There is a line you cross, you don’t never come back from. Point of no return. All the way to the end of the line, wherever that is.



There is a line you cross, you don’t never come back from. Point of no return. All the way to the end of the line, wherever that is.


Leeteuk owes a lot of us ELF’s green tea.

/will be patiently waiting



 “Urineun Super Junio-eh-yo!” 

I will love these boys forever and ever!!! ;AAAAA;

My Opinion: Park Jungsoo [Leeteuk]

A close friend of mine and I had a discussion about idols the other day since I sent her the Blacklist from omonatheydidnt and we were talking about the different people on there. I just thought I’d write down my thoughts before I forget them. 

To be honest, I don’t think Leeteuk is a dick or anything I mean everyone makes mistakes and sometimes says things that are hurtful but that doesn’t make us love him any less, it just gives us a broader understanding of him.

To me, I think he can come off as a douche but I just think he’s just very picky with his friends and the people he’s acquainted with. To be more specific, I just think of like his twitpics where he’s usually with another member of Super Junior or like taking a photo with a guest on a show out of respect. I see his circle of friends to be very exclusive and is very hard to get close with him. Like when Kyuhyun would tell us his sad days when he was new to Super Junior and Leeteuk had a very brash and harsh way of treating him and nitpicking everything he did.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, I find Heechul is the complete opposite of Leeteuk. Where on Heechul’s twitter, you can find many pictures with people he’s met and he’s a very approachable guy, so says the many millions of friends this man has, so he has a lot of pictures with his many friends. 

Not bashing either of them, but just expressing how I think. I just find it ironic how switched Heechul & Leeteuk’s personalities are with their physical appearance: how approachable and friendly Leeteuk looks compared to Heechul’s intimidating stare and their switched personalities. 

Anywho, goodnight all :) just thought I’d share my opinion. Anybody who wants to talk about this or correct me is free to hit up my ask box. I’d love to debate with you! 




gotta love the maknaes

wahaha :)))

i’ve watched this long time ago and i can’t stop laughing! XDDD